AuthorTube Virtual Retreats

SEPTEMBER 12th & 13th, 2020

​Workshop Sessions:

  • 0700AM to 0800AM ET: Opening Session

  • 0800AM to 0830AM ET: Writing Romance

  • 0830AM to 0900AM ET: Writing Mechanics

  • 0900AM to 1000AM ET: How to Write a Good Bad Guy

  • 1000AM to 1200PM ET: A Poetry Workshop

  • 1200PM to 1300PM ET: How to do Research for your Book

  • 1400PM to 1500PM ET: Creating Characters

  • 1500PM to 1600PM ET: Creating Character Arcs

  • 1600PM to 1700PM ET: How to Fast Draft Your Novel

  • 1700PM to 1830PM ET: Outlining as a Pantser

  • 1830PM to 2000PM ET: Writing for Children Q&A

  • 2000PM to 2100PM ET: Tips & Tricks for Writing Multi-POV

Sprints Sessions:

  • 0800AM to 0900AM ET: Writing Sprints with Sherri

  • 0900AM to 1100AM ET: Writing Sprints with Scarlett

  • 1100AM to 1300PM ET: Writing Sprints with Brooklyn

  • 1400PM to 1600PM ET: Writing Sprints with Misha

  • 1600PM to 1800PM ET: Writing Sprints with Zara

  • 1800PM to 1900PM ET: Writing Sprints with Kimberly

  • 1900PM to 2000PM ET: Break

  • 2000PM to 2100PM ET: Writing Sprints with Nicole



​Workshop Sessions:

  • 0700AM to 0800AM ET: Marketing

  • 0800AM to 1000AM ET: Branding & Marketing for Authors

  • 1000AM to 1100AM ET: Find your Bioluminescence

  • 1100AM to 1200PM ET: Turning Moments into Stories

  • 1200PM to 1300PM ET: How to do Research for your Book

  • 1300PM to 1400PM ET: Websites & Newsletters

  • 1400PM to 1500PM ET: Social Media Tips for Authors

  • 1500PM to 1600PM ET: Building a Creative Business

  • 1600PM to 1700PM ET: Neurodivergent Creative Writing

  • 1700PM to 1800PM ET: Sensitivity Readers

  • 1800PM to 1900PM ET: Co-authoring for Fun and Profit

  • 1900PM to 2000PM ET: What not to do in Publishing

  • 2000PM to 2030PM ET: Flash Fiction Contests

  • 2030PM to 2100PM ET: Intro to Calligraphy

Sprints Sessions:

  • 0700AM to 0800AM ET: Writing Sprints with Sharon

  • 0800AM to 1000AM ET: Writing Sprints with Amara 

  • 1000AM to 1200PM ET: Writing Sprints with Jennifer

  • 1300PM to 1400PM ET: Writing Sprints with Estelle 

  • 1400PM to 1500PM ET: Writing Sprints with Dal

  • 1500PM to 1630PM ET: Writing Sprints with Phoebe

  • 1630PM to 1730PM ET: Writing Sprints with Sarah

  • 1730PM to 1930PM ET: Break

  • 1930PM to 2100PM ET: Writing Sprints with Jordan